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Cleangoal Energy Corp. is a Miami based company that will introduce investors to many clean technologies that this planet desperately needs. The company has identified some incredible clean energy ventures, and continues to explore new opportunities in the clean energy industry. Our plan is to build an aggressively managed portfolio of investments using investment strategies in both domestic and international markets with the goal of generating high returns.


Once these clean energy technologies are proven through engineering reports and feasibility studies, countries around the world would license and BUILD facilities creating GROWTH for a better planet for future generations to LIVE.

The Vision


Nuclear reactors that can create power small isolated communities up to 10,000 people or more. These reactors eventually could use Thorium as the fuel that could burn up 90% of the plutonium being stored at large nuclear reactors. This dream is becoming reality and could be available by 2021.

The Future

Develop these 3 technologies to solve all the worlds energy needs without emissions:

Cleangoal Energy Corp. will be presenting at 'The Special Situations Investment Forum 2015'. This five city European tour will feature North American small cap companies during the week of March 16 to March 21. Ken Lelek COO of Cleangoal Energy Corp. commented that Europe has always been a leader in the clean energy industry. We are excited to introduced Cleangoal’s strategy of licencing clean energy technologies to the European investment community.  

Latest News



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Reactors that do not use a flame when disposing of landfills. There will be no C0 2 or dioxins emitted like flame based reactors that are currently presently used.  This technology could make it possible to process any carbonaceous waste into recyclable, fuels, and carbon black with 98% energy capture and zero emissions. Engineering reports have been completed. The first plant that will deal with the waste from over 750,000 people should be operational by 2017.


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C0 2 emissions used in algae tanks to create bio fuel. Algae is the world’s most efficient photosynthesizing plant. It is a single celled organism dedicated to duplicating itself and storing the suns energy in the form of oil. In some species it is capable of reaching ratios as high as 80% oil to biomass.


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