CLEANGOAL ENERGY, CORP.’s general business strategy is aimed at building value through positioning each of the operating of “green technology” subsidiaries as a niche provider of renewable energy and of technologically advanced products or services within the green technology area of operation. Our first area of focus will be on the purchasing and then reselling of Astaxanthin (a product produced by growing Algae) for cosmetic and nutraceutical uses. The Company also anticipates updating and refining the business strategy as new opportunities present themselves. In general, the component functions of the business model are to:

  • incrementally invest, market, and refine our Astaxanthin products;
  • concentrate initial sales efforts on focused market entry opportunities; and
  • increase sales to a level that establishes market acceptance, as determined by the Company’s management


Bill MacGillivary

 Mr. MacGillivary has been involved in the area of cultivating microalgae since October 2010, when he was the president of Pacific Rim Bioenergy. Pacific Rim Bioenergy worked on developing photo bioreactor technology used for growing of microalgae within a closed system. While there, he also worked on providing technology specifically designed to optimize the growth kinetics of several strains of algae. During 2014 – 2015, Bill worked at TransAct Energy Ltd., where he was involved in the business development of the Company. From January 2013 until January 2015, Bill was working in business development for AlgaeCan Biotech, Ltd., where he helped facilitate the growth of the company through his affiliations in the industry. Mr. MacGillivary graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University College of Cape Breton. Due to Mr. MacGillivary’s past experiences in the Algae industry and running small companies, the board of directors determined it to be strategic to utilize his expertise for our Company.

Wayne Miletta

Mr. Miletta is an experienced entrepreneur who, in the last 45 years, formed and operated a number of companies. From 1968 to 1978, he started and managed numerous food and beverage establishments located in San Diego’s Gas Lamp Quarter. Mr. Miletta’s involvement in community affairs also saw him being jointly responsible for converting the current San Diego Gas Lamp Quarter into a Historical Zone. This led the quarter to be preserved and develop into the successful retail district it is today.

In 1977, Mr. Miletta founded and operated Century Business College in San Diego, Ca., an accredited institution. Century specialized in hotel and culinary training and established multiple locations two of which included Los Angeles, Calif and Las Vegas, NV. After literally training and finding thousands of graduates, Employment Century Business College was sold in 1995. Subsequently, Mr. Miletta relocated to Nevada where he established A. Rothschild Marketing, a boutique marketing and advertising firm specializing in promoting tourism. Mr. Miletta attended California State University, Northridge where he majored in Marketing and Journalism with an Accounting minor.

Since 2006, Mr. Miletta has focused his efforts on commercial and residential real estate development, green energy and green products enhancement as well as various charities for the homeless.

Kenneth Lelek

Kenneth Lelek is a pioneer in the fields on technical and alternative energies.  As the President of Cleangoal Environmental Ltd., his vision is instrumental in the development of clean energy technologies that are cost effective. In the late 1990’s, Mr. Lelek began to focus his attention towards sustainable development and ecofriendly manufactured goods with the co-founding of Hemptown Clothing CRLRF.  Ken was instrumental in listing the company on a public exchange, and now the company is called Crailar Industries, Inc. (“Crailar”), and entered into a Joint Development Agreement to produce applications of technology licensed by Crailar from the National Research Council (Canada). With the success of Crailar, Ken began to increase his interests in companies such as Thorium One, Trans Act Energy, 3D Algae, Titan Cure, and Cleangoal Energy Corp. Kenneth Lelek graduated from Mount Royal College with a degree in Business Administration. Due to Mr. Lelek’s past experiences with green products and small public companies, his participation with our Company is very strategic.